This is a song i wrote a while ago and finished today.
It started with the intro lead part and then went from there.
The guitar which plays the lead harmony has its top string tuned weirdly because it didnt have enough frets for the right note for the harmony in drop C.
The intro is PHC i think, then kinda metalcore verses, Metalcore/PHC choruses and a PHC bridge and breakdown.
It's pretty much just these two genres and it kinda switches between them a lot.

C4C as usual my friends.
PHC MC song.zip
Sounds like 98% of the shit that is brainwashing teens into enjoying awful music.
I like the chorus and post chorus, but that verse riff was getting a bit repetitive, and idk but that intro and reintro later just dont really seem to fit the song whatsoever. I like some of the ideas, needs some work though.
Not really my style. But enjoyed it enough to not-close it. haha.

Being slightly more constructive, i found the into chord progression to be a tad generic and simplistic, beefing it out a bit more could be a good idea. I did quite like the verse riff, but the breakdown just reminded me of almost every "somethingcore" breakdown in history if im being honest. Next section that stuck out to me was the "Bridge 2", very dischordant, which i personally like, although quite an unusual sound in comparison wiht the rest of the song. For the last breakdown, there is a bit of dischordancy, very evil souding with the same effect i feel "bridge 2" has.

Overall, not my style. Some bits a tad generic for my taste, But some nice bits and bobs thrown in there.

EDIT: Feel free to give me some critisism on my bands song State of Nature (on my profile)
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