Ok. I am very unhappy with my guitar recording sound. Listen to this: http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/3809/53398_bad.mp3

The problem im having is that open power chords sound all muddy and grainy. I'm using a Electroharmonix Metal Muff pedal, and it is set to:

Trebel - 2 o'clock
Mid - 12 o'clock
Bass - 3 o'clock
Dist - 12 o'clock

The tone I DO want is most similar to Gojira's latest album (The way of all flesh).

But I'm having a lot of trouble with that.....
k i listened to both and here what i think

you want a heavy hitting fat distortion type sound, but the metal muff is based on a fuzz pedal (thats the "grainy" aspect you mentioned). if you want to get the sound your looking for a suggest a different pedal...one thats ment for distortion. personally i have never liked the metal muff.
bump after 6 minutes? nope, not a good idea. you should also post threads with actual recordings in the correct subforum (original or covers) even if it is a tone question. thanks.