I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a pop rock cover of Michael Jackson's '82 hit "Billie Jean"... Im not even sure how we could go about doing it but I know it would be like an online project, so...

I play guitar so lets start spinning off some ideas from there?
As long as it isn't anything like Fall Out Boy's Michael Jackson cover.
To be at peace would be a sin. It's surely unAmerican.
To be fairly honest, as much as I hate Fall Out Boy, I think their cover is pretty good.
No.. God no! I hate that cover.

No, what Im thinking is something like a modern tricked out original version of "Beat It" with Van Halen playing on it. No, I cant play like Van Halen, but something where the parts you wouldn't think would be in a Michael Jackson song just kind of fit.

It would probably have the original music as the main meat of the song, but then with other new parts added and blended in with it. Enough to be fun but still tasteful. So...
You know a band are pros when they don't get thrown off by surprises. At Montreal's outdoor Osheaga festival last night, headliners Coldplay didn't even blink when an ill-timed fireworks display at a neighbouring amusement park threatened to steal the spotlight during their moonlit performance.

When those explosions in the sky began, Coldplay had just moved from the main stage to a small platform for a few acoustic numbers evoking an old-fashioned troubadour vibe. Undeterred by his pyrotechic rivals, a beaming Chris Martin busted out an improvised ditty about the occasion.

"Just to give you an extra thrill, we've got the moon, we've got the fireworks and we've got our drummer Will / We got the love and we got respect, we love playing in Quebec," sang the purple-shirted frontman as he galloped around the stage with goofy, sexy gusto. His energy was contagious, managing to coerce 30,000 fans into a synchronized cell phone wave. "We'll make our own fireworks," he declared. "Let's see those cell phones, let's see all those little lights!"

Next, the band fired off an equally unexpected acoustic folk cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean." Of all the recent tributes to the late king of pop, this had to be one of the weirdest and most whimsically fun.

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