Ok im looking to buy a new acoustic soon and this one caught my eye:


I havnt actually played that exact model, but played a cheaper version with a spruce top the other day. I prefer that body shape/ size because im pretty small and i find it more comfortable than a standard dread. Im playing a lot of nick drake latley, he used a mahogany guild and i loved that tone. Has anyone had any experience with this guitar, i.e its pros and cons? what else is there to consider in this price range?

Thanks, Tom
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You're at the $800-$1000ish price range, so other brands you could consider are Guild GAD's, Seagulls, Alvarez, and Larrivee.

As for the 000-15... I don't suggest you buy it without trying it first. Mahogany has a very distinct, dark tone. It's a love or hate kind of thing. Make sure you try it because what you hear in recordings and what you hear when you play the guitar are two separate things completely.
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