hi! i'm looking for a new guitar!

right now i have a Yamaha FG700s but i kinda want an electro acoustic guitar as well, i was looking at Ibanez AE20E but read some pretty bad revewis on it.
should i get a solid wood one?? i want a guitar i can amp but as i already have an acoustic would i be better off buying a electric guitar? i'm still learning and want to experiment with diffrent styles though mostly i play country pop, easy listning kind of music.... i am saving hard for this guitar so want one that will last a while, but one which is not too expensive. I live in the Uk and was thinking something well under 300... anyway if you have any suggestions i would be great,
Hey. You're not really supposed to put guitar related questions in here.

Try the Acoustic Forum. The people there will know what to suggest.

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