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11 65%
6 35%
Voters: 17.
Today my friend called me a "loser" because i still buy my music. I'm sure this thread has been made before but do you guys still buy your music?
Yeah man. Screw downloading. Not a feeling in the world like coming home to unwrap a new album
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Yes i like to support the Music i like
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Yeah, especially if I'm a huge fan of the band.

My friend sent me this Fleet Foxes album, and I'm probably going to go buy it, help support the band AND get a physical copy for myself.
I still buy as much music as I used to. I also download music though. I enjoy buying music more, but can't afford as much music as I would like.
Nope. Why would I? Free is always better.
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I'm thinking that I'm going to go the route of download music -> buy shirts and concert tickets.

That way I give the band money, and I still get music. Most bands I see are cool with you if you download their music anyway, who am I to disagree with them?
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I have to have a physical object
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i will buy music from artists i respect. i refuse to download Opeth or The Doors for example. i will gladly give them my moneyz
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