NEW TO UG, but have plenty of references from TheGearPage and HC, also EBAY username: rohrchris

Selling this for a friend so any offers will have to be double checked by him but he really wants to get rid of this amp, just too much amp for him and he's looking for something more reasonable for the kind of music he's playing.

2006 Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKII $2,850
Near Mint
Midi Capable Footswitch included
50w or 100w switch
Perfect working condition, like new. All original material just as if you were to buy it brand new, except without all the extra money.
Orignal boxes and paperwork.

Matching Hughes and Kettner Cab $700
Model#: CC412A25
4x12 Loaded with Celestion® G12Ms Greenbacks
Perfect Condition, No rips or tears in either the cab or head.

The pics aren't the greatest so if more are needed it's not a problem.

Ideas for what he's looking for: Marshall JCM800, Plexi, Fender Bassman, Twin Reverb, Super Reverb, or Super-sonic. He's undecided on what exactly he wants so any offers would be considered, trades or trades plus cash, or cash.

I prefer email because I really only check my GP and HC accounts, rohr@mepotelco.net