I have a vox DA5. Its not really a bad amp it's got a lot of options and i can get a decent tone from it, the problem is that it has no EQ. Just a tone button

If i get a cheap EQ pedal, like a dano electro fish n chips, will it sound more...alive? I like trebly distorted sounds.

oh and for metal it doenst give me much bass...

Should i get one ? its really inexpensive...
an eq would help quite a bit. but if you have the money or are willing to save you should get that.

But on the plus side you could get the eq now and still have it if you choose to eventually get another amp
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the boss eq changed my life serious i was wanting to kill my amp but then i got an eq and all is well
an eq can work wonders for your tone, and the dano fish and chips is quite good for the price
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nice just a question tho, do i need batterys for this and can i place it in front of the amp with no problems? i have no fx loop on my amp