Hey guys.

I'm planning to order a new guitar, and I'm kind of stuck between two. The Schecter Hellraiser C-1 and Blackjack ATX C-1. I've narrowed it down to definetly one of these two, I've tried out multiple guitars at this price range and I've decided Schecter definetly makes the best guitars for this price.

Both of them are the same price, so money isn't an issue. I'm kind of torn between the two finishes, both look great but I really like the look of the quilted top of the Hellraiser over the satin finish of the Blackjack. But, I'm not really sure about the pickups. I've tried the SD blackouts on the Blackjack and EMG 81/89 set on the Hellraiser, and I enjoy both. However, they're the basic decider in which one I get.

The EMGs sound great distorted. They give the right tone that I'm looking for. However, the clean just killed my ears. I felt like the treble was just too cutting, and it just hurt. I tried the Blackjack with the SD blackouts on the same amp, and it was quite a bit better. I thought the clean was actually great sounding, but the distortion was less than the 81/89 set. I didn't get the same crunch that I feel when I play the EMG set.

So my question is, what do you guys think about this? I'd like to know from personal experience what you think of the two pickups. It's a tough decision, and I'd like another opinion. I play mostly high-gain type of metal, but I like cleans also. So basically what I need I guess is something with a high output for metal, but still good enough for a decent clean.

Thanks for any recommendations.
well, you gotta consider that the hellraiser has a coil tap too.
hmm, i personally am buying a schecter hellraiser c-7 soon, i love the black cherry finish.
I found that the cleans on the 89 were great... did you flip to the 89 for cleans? the 81's cleans are garbage.

I'd say hellraiser. Coil tap only makes it better.
I thought I also tried the 89 clean, but maybe i didn't. I definetly tried the 81. I didn't think about the coil tap either, that would help with the cleans. but do any of you have much experience with the blackouts?
I've never used a BlackJack, so no.

But the 89 on coil tap sounds almost like the neck pickup on a MIM Strat. Very clean and bright. The 81 coil tapped is like a MIM Strat bridge pickup with a little more twang and output. The distorted sound isn't half bad either. Though, the coil tap cuts the output almost in half, because you're using only half the pickup.
guess im the only one for the ATX XD
Theyre both really amazing guitars, you have a really tough decision to make, but i guess that why were here!!!
My recomendation:
Take a friend to the shop( who is half decent!) and sit down with each model.
Play the same things, hit a G, hit a C, whatever, and just completely narrow it down.
You picked 2 wicked guitars man, Gl on your decision!!!
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well, its a win-win situation. if u want, u can just use a distortion pedal to boost the ATX's blackouts if u want some better gain. and if u can, try out the EMG89 coil-tapped clean before u make a final decision. never rush buying a guitar. you will end up in dissapointment. i think im gonna be making a similar decision in the future. but i'll probably end up getting a hellraiser just cuz i love metallica.

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Thanks for all the help guys. I'm gonna go see if they have a hellraiser model with the 81/89 at the store to try again with the coil tap on clean. But yea, it's a tough choice and I'd rather not depend on a pedal for my tone so I will probably go with the hellraiser.

And brown penguin that's beautiful. I would buy but I'm getting like $200 of benchwork free including a set up when i buy either of those guitars. So unless you're selling for less than $500 then no thanks
Im willing to help you out, ill bring the total to $480 including shipping and insurance, let me know if your interested

And in case you didnt notice the red EMG symbols, mine is the 81TW,89 model w/coil tap
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Well I was stuck with a similar situation. And I chose the Blackjack ATX and don't regret it. Its cleans are miles better than the Hellraiser and the distortion on the Hellraiser is Harsh and Metallic, not smooth like on the Blackjack.
I had asked a similar question in a thread back when I wanted to buy a Schecter and most people were in favour of the Blackjack ATX
and if you aren't as satisfied with the distortion on the ATX, you can always turn the gain up a little to your liking
see my thread

Also the ATX has an Ebony fretboard which I prefer to Rosewood and I like the finish on my ATX as well as the neck
Notice that the neck of the Hellraiser is Sticky and slower compared to the ATX which has a smooth neck. That is VERY IMPORTANT if you plan on shredding because it won't slow you down.