This is me multitracking vocals , guitar, bass, and everything.

I even took the time to do the harmonies which was a pain in the ass to get right.

And still some of them are a tiny bit off, but i put so much time making this, the least you could do is listen to it, but i would love your feed back.

And i will also C4C

sup, my name is abe
Hey sounds great man, one of my favorite tunes by them.
Thanks for sharing.
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Really nice cover. The vocals weren't amazing but you did the song justice anyway. The harmonies were pretty spot-on, like you said there were a few off parts but correct for the most part. Good work on this, I think your effort was well worth it.

Would you mind critting mine? You probably don't know the song but please let me know what you think anyway. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1229361


PS: I listened to the other song on your profile and I liked it. I like the way your voice sounds in a lower range.