I noticed something today on my guitar..When i play an open string for example low E and bend (but not pick) another string say on the 7th fret B, the open e string sounds as if as if im pushing down the whammy bar i.e. the pitch lowers. is this supposed to happen? or is my tremolo unit unbalanced?

Hope that makes sense...

damn i nearly went out to the studio in the frezzing cold to get my js, good job i read the post 1st.

it`s cos of the way the guitar is tuned (b string) and the trem you need to compensate for the bridge movement with your picking hand and perfectly intonate your bends

and the new JS is coming soon, JS2400, 24 frets
Its because of the floating trem. When you bend, you put more pressure on the trem, from the strings, so it pulls on the springs (equivalent to pushing the bar down) so the other strings go out of tune.
The floating trem does that... more tension on the bent string unbalances it, therefore it moves down lowering the pitch.
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