So, the result of 3,5 unused hours.


the hours include writing and rehearsing and recording, so the playing quality is very prone to the limited time, gear and missing player skill. We're planning to redo the piece without the nasty errors, but i think you'll get the idea .

and yeah its a total Greyson ripoff ^^

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mm I suggest maybe mockin up the intro lead with some more delay effect to give it a more surreal tone, the run in on 45 sounds pretty rad to me especially when hitting on those higher notes.

luvin the bass on this

and just for sh*ts and giggles, I might as well send your ass a friend inv, how bout it? XD

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i like it man. it has a layed back feel with an edge. kind of reminded me of early u2 or def lep. i like when the drums come in. its short, but i get the idea. it needs to be polished but i think it will be a good/cool track when its done. green light. i say move foreward with this one. rock on man!

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I thought it was good, had some cool ideas, I gotta agree with the delay comment, maybe add some more delay or reverb to the lead, give it some more atmosphere. Obviously could be a little tighter but for the time you had thats impressive.

Not much else to say really, crit mine? (in sig).