I have never gigged before and would like to know what pedals are neccessary to get a decent tone at a small - medium gig. i am using a Mexican Fender Stratocaster, and a Fender Frontman 65r (i really like Fender). i am also using a Visual Sound Jeckyll and Hyde distortion pedal. i play mostly classic rock, anywhere from Fleetwood Mac to Guns N' Roses and AC/DC to Bruce Springsteen. i am not interested in getting a wah pedal, but any other pedals that are neccessary for gigging, if you could inform me what i need, and what exactly they do. also, if you think i should get a better amp for gigging, i have about $500 United States Dollars to buy a nice tube, but most tubes that price are too small to gig with. Any replies are welcome, and if you want to rant about somebody, i won't mind.
I don't know too much about classic rock, but if you're gigging I'd recommend getting some kind of tuner pedal.
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Can you tune by ear?

Tuner pedals are cool even if you can.

I recommend the Korg Pitchblack
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I'd worry less about pedals, and get a more reliable, better sounding amp....
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well if you hit up ebay you could get a marshall jcm 2000 100watt dsl for between 500 and 600 american. I recently got one and love it, very versatile amp head that does everything from classic rock to modern metal, including nice cleans. I'd recommend getting a half stack if you want to take the gigs you get seriously.

as far as pedals i would say a delay, reverb (if you don't have it on amp, the jcm i mentioned does), a channel switch pedal (so you can switch clean/distortion), and a tube screamer pedal ( to give a tube amp a bit more kick). I wouldn't use distortion pedals honestly, since amps distortions tend to sound much better. But yeah you don't need a lot honestly, fx can really suck your tone
if you want a nice amp to gig with you could get a silverface twin reverb for less than $500 and a tuner pedal wouldnt be a bad idea
Well, your amp is not a good amp. If you like Fender, I strongly recommend you look into getting a Hotrod Deluxe or something of that nature. It will improve your tone dramatically.

After that, there aren't a lot of things that are "necessary" for gigging. I would define a floor tuner as necessary. The Korg Pitchblack is really good, although I like the Planet Waves Chromatic tuner to be sturdier.

A clean boost is a good pedal to have for live situations, when you're playing a solo or there's anything you need to cut above the mix. There are a load of these on the market.

Delay and reverb are really useful pedals that you can learn how to incorporate into your sound and get good results. You should look into them, they can really open up a lot of doors into new soundscapes for rock.
I'd worry about a better amp before pedals, but that's a whole nother topic. The most "neccesary" pedals would probably be a tuner and an EQ. (neither of which do I have But you really don't NEED any pedals. I've played gig without them. Delay and Overdrive are also nice to have.
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First off, thank you for the many replies. I think i will invest in a tuner pedal, as it has been reccomended so many times. also, i have heard that 100w tube amp is really too loud for the gigs i am playing at, as i can always mike the amp if it is too soft. i really like my J & H pedal, so if someone could also reccomenend a tube amp, probably in the 30w to 50w range that is around $500 with good cleans i would appreciate it. Also, i would prefer combo amplifiers, as heads mislead the price, since you also have to get cabinets. again thank you for so many replies.
Once again, Fender Hotrod Deluxe is 50 watts and can easily be found for $500. I'm not sure how much they are new.
The Hot Rod series aren't all that reliable in my experience with mine. I'd go for an old Silverface Twin like someone already suggested.
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If you really like AC/DC and GnR, why look at Fender?
A Fender wouldn't be all that suited for those bands.

With 500 dollars, you can snag something like a Flextone III from the used section of Guitar Center, if they have one there. Or just off the used market, or eBay.
It's a modeling amp that can get your Fender tones, as well as your Marshall tones (like AC/DC and GnR).
Try to find a use Traynor YCV40, they usually go for around 500$ and are great amps
chorus and delay a quality dirt box mxr just came with a new one the fullbore metal i highly recommend mxr. your also gonna need an overdrive pedall mxr dist lll is a good choice.
Well the J&H is a good distortion pedal and if your playing classic rock like that, you wont really need any effects pedals (well for some GnR songs you may need a wah.) I would say get an amp with good cleans then use your J&H for distortion. Get a tuner pedal because that will help playing live and maybe a comfortable strap for your guitar and some hi-quality cables will help alot.
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chorus and delay a quality dirt box mxr just came with a new one the fullbore metal i highly recommend mxr. your also gonna need an overdrive pedall mxr dist lll is a good choice.

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If you get an amp from the states remember that you will need a step down transformer so it doesn't go Chernobyl on you as soon as you switch it on.
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I don't know too much about classic rock, but if you're gigging I'd recommend getting some kind of tuner pedal.

That's the only pedal anyone needs.

Spend as much as you can on the amp, as you can get some perfectly good pedals for <£30.