I got my first tube amp back in January and everything was working fine until about a month ago. It started making popping, squeaking and other strange noises every now and again but it went away after a few days. Until today, it happened again, and now the amp won't make a noise, I’ve swapped cables and tried a different guitar and still nothing.

I don’t think its anything serious because everything is normal other than the lack of sound. All the lights still work and it hums quietly when not on stand by.

Is there anything else it could be before i go and buy a full set of tubes?
that doesn't sound good. chances are one of the tubes died...but it can damage your amp. when your amp starts making sounds you should have it looked at right away.
I've been googlin' around abit and apparently it could be a fuse, i know that if it was the fuse in the plug, nothing would turn on at all, but if it was a different fuse in the amp, would that make the tubes glow, and the LED's turn on, but stop the sound from coming out?