So GG&A, my GAS is just on the verge of striking again, and I'm about to sell everything I own to buy an Engl Invader 100 and an Orange 2x12.

Now can anyone give me some feedback on the Orange 212? I know everybody says Orange cabs are bangin' and I love the 412's, but I've never tried the 212 and I'm wondering how it sounds.

Does anybody disagree with this setup? If so, suggest a better head or cab?

I'll be running it with my Ibanez S with DiMarzio's and an Eventide Timefactor in the loop. Probably get a BB preamp in the near future to boost.
Orange cabs are however a bit dark. Love it or hate it is subjective. I personally like it, but you could argue the ENGL 2x12 pro is just as good but different.
WTLTL 2011