I've recently fallen in love with playing Acoustic guitar finger style, sadly the only song I can play is Promise from Silent Hill (gives you an idea of my skill I guess), I looked for a song recommendation thread and couldn't find one. So is there any similar stuff for me to take a shot at?
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Hey there delilah - plain white t's
dust in the wind - kansas
tears in heaven - eric clapton
blackbird - the beatles
The Bard's Song by Blind Guardian
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(i thought hot strings would make me finger faster.)
so i tried to set my strings on fire by putting a lighter on the high e string n it cut it so wtf??!!? i passed the lighter rrly slowly by it for less then a sec n then it snapped...
bard's song is so f-ing awesome
learn it
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I thought the "clean" button was to clean out the inside of the amp automatically, so I never pressed it.

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pedals are stupid
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bard's song is so f-ing awesome
learn it

**** it. I'll learn it too.
no to thread hi jack you but I cant seem to find a good version of Bard's Song. Anyone want to link me one?
Pretty much everything said here....plus "Unintended" by Muse; you can fingerpick it and it's really simple too.
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