Hey everybody, this is a song im currently writing and is so far around 2 minutes in length. I just thought it would be cool to see what you guys thought about it . All criticism welcome.
This is cool dude!
Reminded me of dream theater a little.

Keep it going and tell me if you record this song... It would be so awesome.

I don't think i should ask for a C4C here since i've only written completely different stuff from this.

Keep it going man...!!
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I hear lots of BTBAM in there. LOTS.

The drums were busy, which I like. The guitar had nice 9 chords and all the fun diminished runs. I liked it. It needs some vocals.

One thing though, it could be a lot smoother. Being prog doesn't necessarily mean having spastic time signatures and complicated riffs. Just variety is all you need and you were headed in the right direction with that melodic solo.

Keep it going.

4/5 so far

Check mine out? It's long. lol.