Ok, before you go and say OMG YOUTUBE, I know how to do pinch harmonics already. I just don't know how to easily use them while playing a song.

So, as I said, I can easily do pinch harmonics by holding the pick a special way (thumb very close to the bottom of the pick). My problem is, in order for me to do harmonics whilst playing, I have to hold hte pick that way, which gets very tedious. I'm positive there is another way to do harmonics while playing without holding the pick like that. So, anyone care to share? :P

P.S. again, I couldn't find a youtube video explaining how to play them while playing
practice switching between these and playing with the pick that way
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practice switching between these and playing with the pick that way

/thread. Seriously just practice. In time as you do them more it will become natural, you won't even have to think about anything. You'll just do a pinch harmonic.
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i can do them with my normal grip. Maybe you need to choke up on your pick when you play, or learn to do them with the grip you already use.
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You just have to tilt the pick away from your thumb when you don't want the harmonic and tilt it back when you do its very easy.
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I have this same problem, I need to add in a 3rd finger for a pinch harmonic which makes them pretty damn hard when standing up.
It sounds like you might need to hold the pick a little closer to the tip. And what helped me when learning to do pinches while in the middle of a song was to try picking INTO the string instead of just going straight down like your normal picking motion. Its kind of hard to explain in writing, but try to kind of tilt your hand forward and pick in towards the body of the guitar to get your thumb to touch the string.

Again, its pretty hard to explain, but maybe thatll help
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