(Verse 1)
A promise is a promise,
But life's a bitch,
You try and you try,
You'll never scratch that itch.

I heard a thousand people talking today,
And their lips turned numb,
as their words turned grey.
All astray.

A free man requests the way to a cage
He'd like to lock himself away.
From a world of decay,
Driven by grey.

(Grey eyes,
Steel breath,
Cold touch,
Worthless Flesh.)


Calm as the moon,
With as much to say,
We wither and fade
Into the grey.

Enough is enough
Blinded by light
Where is my sight?
Where is my true sight?

We call this humanity,
what are we supposed to be?
Eyes of stone
Set in bone,
Cages of mind
To be ransacked

Hold last note.