Im back with another piratey piece

I'll admit its not as good as my previous work, but what the hell, I couldnt not share with everyone

I took a more Progressive/Experimental approach with this one, resulting in some serious Accordion and Piano shredding, and who could forget the infamous Fiddle

TBH the guitars in it little, and the drums even less, but i hope enjoy it.

This piece is called Pirates on Acid!


Pirates on Acid.gp5
Pirates on Acid.mid
Pirate prog? Excellent. I'm reserving this space for a crit, as I have to work right now.

1st off.
This is not troo pirate metal!~
It is blasphemy to me and my pirate brethren! Arrrrr Matey!

2nd. Not bad. I was hoping the percussion would go on for longer, but it's difficult with freeflowing pieces, I understand.

3rd. Melodies and harmonies were good. No complaint there. Except for a couple of the solos. Needs more variation. I know you can't bend an accordion (well...) like you would with a string instrument, but phrasing some of the chord tones would help immensely.

That is all.
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Brilliantly written! Catchy, and original.

We don't really get much other than black metal or metalcore anymore, and that's pretty bomb.

The intro is awesome
The Asc Solo is fantastic, it fits in well, and it keeps the feeling.
Verse I is good, and I like the atmospherish filling I received from it.
Chorus was amazing consider the intro of the drums prior to it, and then the chorus was pretty good itself, and the drum exit was good.
The Fiddle solo was breathtaking.
Bridge is awesome
Solo I has great use of piano, and I think there is some great musicianship behind this.
Solo II pretty much good still, I like the arpeggioish riff in it.
Solo III just seems like something I'd see on like Final Fantasy, it's a pretty amazing section.
Solo IV nice use of chords behind the solo, I liked it,
Solo V there was a really off chord at the start that I did not like. Sorry but taht's pretty much the only fault in this song, is that one chord.
Solo VI was a great way to end the song.

I liked your choice of instruments, and theme, 9.9/10 just change one chord and it'll be good.


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First Time Actually Listening To This Genre; That Was Good, Really Good. The Only Thing I Found Quite Weird Was The Let Ring Electric Guitar At Start.. And One Or Two Notes I Felt That Were Off. Nice Creativity, Gratz!
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That was... awesome. I actually changed that to guitar and listened to it because my GP5 wasn't working (I opened the midi then too) and the accordion sounded awesome as a guitar also. But wow.. Such a great, interesting and unique piece of work. How the hell do you write something like this? O_O

The piano was amazing too. I cant think of anything to say bad about. Everything flows sooo well and the only part I don't like is at 2:30. But anyways... The harmonies are excellent and everything. I can honestly say that was and is my favorite thing I've ever heard come out of this forum.

I wish I could say something bad you could improve on cause you helped me out so much with mine.
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