My new guitar that I got from that ESP Sam Ash deal finally came today!!!

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Oh god I just blew off.


LTD H-1001? Ooooooooft

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Damn I love that.

Love the blue with flamed top and abalone binding.

But I LOVE LOVE the other ESP ngd thread floating around here right now (the ec-1000 vb)

But this one is VERYYYY nice as well

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Quote by williamdllr

But I LOVE LOVE the other ESP ngd thread floating around here right now (the ec-1000 vb)

i have the ec-1000 vb. i know, it's a great looking guitar.

HNGD. i never really cared much for the abalone, o ther than that you have a great looking, and i'm sure great sounding guitar.
beauty, can't wait to get mine in purple
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Nice guitar TS.

And thank you for buying at SamAsh!
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
I was kinda thinking about getting it in purple cuz it looked sweet but the blue one just tugs at my heart. Thank you gregs for letting me know about the deal!
you are very welcome.

i can ship these anywhere you guys want in the US.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
That sale made me wish I had money, I went into the local Sam Ash here and they had the LTD ec1000 hardtail in emerald green for $620. That is a deal.

edit-Oh, happy NGD!! Guitar is really nice.
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wow, beautiful! congrats man!

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"Presenting the new ESP Orgasmatron! Comes in Orgasmic Blue, Purple Ecstasy, and White Climax!"

Sexy guitar there man, I'm a sucker for sexy finishes.
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You guys crack me up with your comments, ESP has so many guitars that you could just stare at for along time and not even realize it like this one...

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That guitar is fucking SEXY. Post some closeups!

Also, HNGD!

He sure didnt do the flame top justice. Heres the closeup shot of my H-1001 Love the darn thing!

Congratz, btw

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Nice, its the same colour as mine
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Love the color and the flame maple.
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Nice, just nice.
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