Hey guys,

I got a guy on Craigslist offering me a Crate V1512 all tube amp for 200$ but I got to drive alittle ways to try it out. I want to know if it's what I want before I head out there.

I'm looking for a small tube amp that has good cleans. I like playing alot of alternative rock, blues, some classic rock, hendrix, clapton, kings of leon, pretty much everything but death metal.

Is this a good deal for 200? What if I can talk him down to 150? Is it a good amp? I'm really searching for a blues junior fender amp of something similar. Will this be close?

Thanks guys, I couldn't fing much info on this amp.
You could talk him down to $175 I'd say, and it seems like a great amp.
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I've heard decent things, but they are a bottom end tube amp - like the peavey valveking

I'd be careful enough with a used one. Why's he selling it? Do you really want it? It's not going to be even close to a fender in tone, which you really want. Why not wait til something more to your taste comes up? No point in impulse buying. We almost always regret impulse buying.

Far as I know there are some reviews on harmony central for that amp line. Have a read. Also if you do go to buy it. Get the guy to let you try it at his house or whatever for a bit first.

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I have Crate V2112RB and it has very little clean headroom. I have no idea how it compares to the VC1512.
Quote by fly135
I have Crate V2112RB and it has very little clean headroom. I have no idea how it compares to the VC1512.

It's very similar.

I agree with fly, not a lot of clean headroom. Very good british rock tones though so quite a departure from a Blues Jr. Basically the polar opposite. Should get you into 80's rock territory without issue.

Test it thoroughly to make sure it's without any issues.

Or find a used Pro Jr, which would work fine for your cleans but you would need a pedal for grit or crank it up and get natural break up.
That amp is basically a poor man's version of the blues junior, I have it's sister amp (Crate Palomino V16). It does the job pretty damn well (it's very comparable to my friend's blues jr) and for the money is a solid amp, however depending on how loud you play you might run out of clean headroom.
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