Hey guys, i was looking to buy a Taylor, specifically the 414ce, im no master of acoustic knowledge so i just had a couple questions.

I'v read that a cut-away really effects the tone, is this true?
Also i'v been looking at a lot of videos of the 414 and most seem to be finger picking, i just wondered how does it take vigorous strumming?

if anyone has experience with this guitar or one similar any advise would really be appreciated, thanks
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Taylor = Teh secks.

That's pretty much all I know, I play electric
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Anyways, that is a very nice guitar. Are you a professional that will gig with it? Really depends how how you plan on playing. Depending on how you plan to play, I dont really think a cut-away is going to affect tone very much. I am pretty sure it can take vigorous strumming.

For that price, I would look at a nice 6 string and a nice 12 string.
I have a nice Simon and Patrick 6 string and a Martin 12 string. Both together were about $1200.

Just my take.
Last add: almost every major artist I see in video or live shows play Taylors.
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cutaways don't cut out any tone at all to the naked ear. i have a friend with a 414ce and he it holds up well when strums it loudly as well as fingerpicking on it, although whether he strums it as hard as you would, there's no way to tell. in fact, that's a good reason to try guitars in person.

have you played a 414ce in person?
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You are no master of spelling either...
oh that hurt, but not as much as reading my opening post, i had to slap myself.

I wouldn't consider myself a professional and i don't gig at the moment, but i am looking to record and audition professionally.

I haven't tried one personally, I've checked and there isn't a Taylor dealer for over a hundred miles, i don't strum hard, i really just meant fast paced strumming in general, do the chords ring out clearly or does it all become a mash of sound?

Also I've heard they're built to a precise factory standard and most, if not all, are the same quality?

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated
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Taylor = Teh secks.

That's pretty much all I know, I play electric

You play electric? well, you can't spell, which is to be expected, but your crude generalisation is fairly accurate.

Taylor guitars very rarely use laminate in guitars over $750 us. This means that what your buying will have high quality resonance brought on by the superior tonal qualities of the woods.
Taylor guitars are well build, famous for thier expert lutherie infact. The bracing is full spruce in this guitar, meaning the "echo" in the body is not needlessly lost or dampened. With this particular guitar, Yes, Cutaways do affect tone, However Taylor compensate for this with thier "OM" Body shape, the larger back section means that most of the "echo" will be projected from the back rather than, with a jumbo guitar (big front and back section) the sound is evenly spread.

You obviously know what your getting yourself into with the price of this. If you wont make any money from this, i would reccomend something a little less.... prestigious.
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The 414ce will handle strumming well. Ovangkol is fairly versatile much like Sapele on the 300 series. and the GA body style that x14 Taylors have is also versatile enough to handle strumming. I recommend bright strings like the elixirs that come with it.

There's lots of discussion on whether or not cutaways affect tone. as far as im concerned it doesnt affect sound to the naked ear, although a Frequency Analyzer unit MIGHT disagree.

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