Hey everyone,

I'm browsing for a good gigging amp, and my local music store has a bunch of amps from a company called Blackstar, anyone know about them?? Are they any good?? How do they compare to Marshall/Fender/Vox etc... They looked alright, but no store is gonna say something bad about something they're selling...
Alder?? What's that? Sounds like a poor substitute for ash to me...
try testing? people here might not think exactly as you do so it's best to get first hand experience with the amp before you buy it (if you can, that is)

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I was planning to, but i just want to get some opinions coz i literally know nothing about them
Alder?? What's that? Sounds like a poor substitute for ash to me...
Very good amps, the HT-5 is widely praised around here as a budget low wattage tube amp. I say try and if you like buy.


Their amps are very good. I have never tried them personally, since they don't deal in Hong Kong. However, the Blackstar HT-5 is probably the most acclaimed low-wattage tube amp on this forum.
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which ones are you looking at? i've only tried the artisan 15. I wasn't fussed, it's kind of a cross between a vintage marshall sound and a vox, but i thought it sounded a bit bright, thin and brittle. if you want that vintage marshall sound, the valvepower 18 watt clone (which I own, so you understand why i'm biased ) pwns it for half the money, if you don't need the two channels.

Obviously if you're looking at the series ones or ht5, that's different as they're a completely different style of amp.
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