oh UG

i miss u ppl. my community status is dead for which i am sorry.

i will change.

right there is no point to this thread whatsoever.

However now there is.................:

this thread will be about anything good that is suggested.

im gunna go to bed listnin to zz top.


but DO suggest some cool things for this thread to be about you know u want to. i dunno it could be about axl roses douche shaped bags???

fcuk knows think ppl!
This is gonna get closed. Lets talk about that.
There is a war going on for your mind.

If you are thinking, you are winning.

Resistance is victory.

We are building up a new world.
Do not sit idly by.
Let's talk about coreysmonster hanging out with douches:

What's up with that? Seems a bit sleazy.
"You have brains in your head,
You have feet in your shoes,
You can steer yourself,
any direction you choose,
You're on your own,
And you know what you know,
And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go."

- Dr. Seuss