Just thought I'd share this little neo classical piece I wrote for a school assignment a while back. The original version includes dynamics and is a LOT neater without rests thrown in everywhere, but it didn't convert to midi or guitar pro well. So this was as close to the original as I could get it. It also doesn't play nearly as well. The best format is the guitar pro with RSE otherwise it sounds a bit staccato and broken.

It should give you a pretty good idea though. Enjoy, any criticism will be welcomed although I won't be changing anyything as I've handed the assignment in. But I'll keep any advice in mind in the future.
Neoclassical Thingy.zip
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Intresting. Pretty hard to play (even if possible xD). A bit more creativity to drums !
Acoustic guitar as start was cool.
Every other riff were pretty nice, but I would really improve that song alot.
I give 2/10. That's not much. If you improve the song (Add nice drums, cool bass lines second guitar and more synths) you could raise it to 10/10. You have nice, very good ideas in there!

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no no no ,, DEFINITELY better than 2/10
i like the intro acoustic guitar but organ was interfering too much
the main theme is good
nice drums
i like the drums, but there are quite a few notes which take away the neo classical feeling from the song
but they do sound good, so doesnt matter
sometimes the sweeps sound boring, 70-71 bars are cool
after that, i dont think anyone can play it except yngwie
the progression is nearly the same used in burn(solo part) by deep purple
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This song definitely isn't impossible to play, but like he said, he converted it from midi to Guitar Pro 5. So, the fingerings are terrible. But, it's definitely not impossible to play guys. xD

I really liked the sweeps. They sound amazing where it's just the pure sweeps following the progression. It's almost keyboard like, I love it.

But, your main melody is kind of dull.
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