So I came up this night for something totally new. It's Death Metal I suppose.
Little bit maybe progressive. This is very weird. Haven't got more done. Done that in hour.

Inspired by Meshuggah mostly.


PS:Weren't really serious while doing this xD. But I think it's cool.
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I think weird sums it up quite nicely. It has some nice if not incredibly original rhythms in there, though I couldn't help but laugh when I heard the guitar part alternating from the low power chords to that high notes all the time. But as you said, you weren't exactly taking it seriously. :p It was such a bizzare contrast to the really heavy rhythm. The drums are also pretty solid.

I don't know what to say really. Definately interesting, it doesn't really come across as a song or even anything listenable (at least not something I would listen to) but it has some cool ideas and seems like it achieved what you were out to achieve.
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Well, it's a pretty interesting piece, but it wasn't exactly what I would call musical; it seems more like something musicians would study just as an attempt to break down something very complex and strange.
Sorry for the late Reply dude. This is some pretty sweet metalcore/mathcore going on there dude! keep it up!
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Interesting. The intro riff actually reminds me of some pirate metal bands. Ya, I agree with marskell, this doesn't really sound like Death Metal to me, more like Mathcore, but it's good none the less. The verse sound physodelic, nice job. The chorus is... weird. Like especially bar 21. It sounds good for like a break or something, I don't really know how that formats into a chorus though. I don't really have anything to say about Verse 2, it's pretty solid. Anyway, nice job. This sounds like something I would listen to and secretely enjoy, but not admit to listening to xD.
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Thank you for crit!
This was like try to make same kind of music as meshuggah. I've listened meshuggah alot for few days and I'm crazy on it.