I already have a partial list compiled, but can anyone name some decent songs written about American history? Yes, I already have Run To The Hills.

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Cry Baby Wah
Battle of New Orleans. Johnny Horton

Its an old country/bluegrass classic.
Bluegrass Rocks


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trail of tears- testament
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War pigs - black sabbath
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North Country Blues - Bob Dylan. A bit more specific but meh. Best one I could come up with.
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Trail of Tears by Nightwish

Under A Killing Moon by Thrice (the witch hunts)
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Desperado - The Eagles
Civil War - Guns n Roses

Trying to think of more...
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a lot of bob dylan dumbass.
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CCR-Fortunate Son
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Anything RATM.
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check iced earth's album glorious burden
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The Manhattan Project - Rush
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We'll Never Admit As Defeat
Abraham Lincoln - Clutch.
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They Might Be Giants - The James K. Polk Song, I believe it is called
(Our U.S. History teacher made us listen to it)
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The Last Resort - The Eagles
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Desperado - The Eagles
Civil War - Guns n Roses

Trying to think of more...

How is that an American History song?

Anyways, ontopic: Sea of Heartbreak-Don Gibson

It was used as part of the opening to Heartbreak Ridge (Clint Eastwood)

Although not intentially a war song it applies very well to the Korean war.

Born in the USA-by Springsteen (nam)
Fortunate Son-Credence Clearwater Revival (nam)
I'm Eighteen-Alice Cooper (nam)
Sunday Bloody Sunday-U2 (WW2)
Gimme Shelter-Rolling Stones(nam)
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