Firstly, what effect, when combining a head and cab, does the cab actually have on the tone?

Secondly, what do controls like "Scoop", "Range", and "Resonance" actually do to the tone?

If this helps you guys, primarily with question one, I'm looking for a pink floyd type rumble and dominance, a Colonel Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade type mid range tone (especially on the bands cover of pink floyd's album "Animals") but a clarity like that of Flea on "Deloused at the Comatorium" by the Mars Volta.

Thanks for any help
The cabinet frequently has an effect on the tone, as the dynamics of the cabinet and its construction can influence tone to a noticeable degree. A greater factor in the effect on tone are the speakers. Some speaker brands and models influence tone more than do others. You'll find this is a very influential factor with guitarists when choosing an amplifier cabinet...less so with bassists. But the speakers often do color the tone. Some high-end bass cabinets are designed specifically not to influence the tone. People often refer to these as "high-fi" cabinets. Bassists usually refer to them as "big bucks" cabinets.

As for tone controls, it can vary from amp to amp. As a general rule, scoop means to scoop out the midrange frequencies. Resonance adds a bit to the bass frequencies, or so says the user's manual for my Marshall MF350 guitar amplifier with its Resonance control. I can't help you with Range. I haven't seen it on any of the amplifiers I've played in the last few years. Since most owner's manuals are now available online, check the manual for a specific amplifier and see what the maker says about the controls.