Hi, I just picked up my first guitar the other day. I'm just wondering whats the best way to start out?
1. take lessons, help sooo much (if u got a good teach)
2. sit down and practice
3. practice
4. listen the guitars of your favourite music and try and figure out what there doing on the guitar (this comes with experince)
5. practice
try to get a teacher if one is not available the start looking into books and online lessons.
You can start out by learning the basic chords A E G C D.
start with yngwie malmsten

or just go to justinguitar.com
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Be sure to practice very slowly. Only speed things up when you've mastered it at slow speeds (like a riff or chord changes).

You're working on muscle memory, and if you teach your muscles how to do it fast and wrong then you will not get any better.

Be VERY patient with you progress. Without patience you may get frustrated and quit.
1. Learn a Paul Gilbert Song.

2. Learn Through the fire and Flames

3. Learn every Joe Satriani song

4. And then start learning chords


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A teacher is definitley the way to go if you can do that. They can help you progress a lot quicker than just trying to figure it out by yourself.

If no teacher, then try and find a friend that knows how to play and basically just take free lessons from them. Overtime you will learn. Quitting is another option that a lot of people do... it can be pretty frustrating sometimes.
i started out with basic tabs. learned easy songs that i liked. then i bought the guitar grimoires and later dove head first into music theory. hasnt failed me at all
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Don't self-teach yourself... ive been spending the last couple of months undoing bad habits I picked up when I self-taught myself. Try as hard as you can to get a teacher.
I will agree that a teacher is very helpful, BUT you can absolutely teach yourself and the internet is a fantastic resource to do so. You just have to practice lots and hold tight when it gets frustrating. I recommend finding a song that you really like that's easy to play (preferably involving open chords such as C, A minor, F etc) and just practicing strumming and changing chords.

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