so, based on a hypothetical amp purchase, is there a pedal i could use to give a fender hot rod deluxe/maybe deville a higher gain vintage tone, along the lines of an old jcm800. I know i wont get close enough to replicate the sound but i want recommendations to get somewhere in the ballpark for tweaking. Preferably a darker, heavier sounding deal, even though I'll probably be getting an EQ to work some of that out.
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Although the Crunch Box isn't a bad alternative. I've never played a Wampler but I hear lots of good things about those too.
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Good ole' TS9. Boost that level and give it a touch of drive and you're set.

the drive of the amps he is thinking of getting don't really get close to that of a jcm800 so just boosting it won't get him the sound he wants. he probably needs a standalone distortion box running on the clean channel.