In the recording setup I've been looking into, I've been wanting to get the 13" 2.53 ghz macbook pro to run it.

Would I have any issue with running it on this laptop, or should I be alright?
How many tracks are you looking to record in one session?
Do you use a lot of plug-ins?
Probably not a whole lot of tracks, I mostly just want to be able to record the songs I compose that just include a few synth tracks, guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.

Does the 15" screen really make a huge difference?
And I only use a few plug-ins.
I'd say less than 40 tracks and limited plug-in use, you could probably get away with 2.53ghz and 4gb.
You have nothing to worry about. I have a slightly older MBP (Penryn 2.4GHz) with 2GB of RAM, and Logic 9 runs great on it, even with some plugin/track hefty projects. Good luck!
I'd say yes too... I run Logic Studio on a 1st gen G5 - 1.8 ghz w/2-gigs... That model should be a breeze! I would have told you to NOT get Apple RAM as it's way overpriced - I get anything I need (and have for years for all the Mac's I own and have owned) from OWC - macsales.com.
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
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hey just another question about Logic
is it available for windows too??

No, not from version 5 anyway.
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hey just another question about Logic
is it available for windows too??


last windows version was Logic 5.
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Oh yeah and I'm getting the one with 4gb of ram

ha it'll be so fast you won't even see a loading screen:P I've the 2gb ram and its perfect, never gone above 30/35% CPU and thats running garageband and about 4 CPU draining audio units

Nah the extra 2.4 inches to the screen won't make much of a difference, but its still very portable and lightweight,

I'm thinking of upgrading my ram to 4gb but the 2.4ghz processor can only handle 3gb of ram, the ones coming out now can handle 8gb of ram which is ridiculous!!!!! You'd never need that kind of power for a laptop, also it might be an idea to wait until January(crazy i know) but thats when they will be revealing i'life 10 to the public, but thats 2 months of waiting so **** that