Anyone else have "guitar store stage fright"? Today I was at my local guitar store- Guitar Guys- and I was looking forward to trying out a Schecter - V model that I've been eyeing for a while. I got there, took the guitar to an open amp and began to attempt to play it. Attempt is the key word here.
First, I realized that, being the first time i played a V, it slides off of your leg without a strap. I kind of figured that a long time ago but didn't think it would be THAT bad. Then, some obnoxious kid next to me was attempting to play a song that I knew, and was using a great Crate amp that had a multi track recorder built in. He wasn't doing to great at the song, so i decided i would try to help him out by playing the solo... but the line 6 amp i had to use was the worst thing I have ever played on. The kid looked at me and played the solo, much better than my attempt. I'm not to good at playing in public to begin with, so that definitely made it way worse.
By this point, I saw no point to try and play anything challenging whatsoever, to test out the guitar's playability. Then, obviously, the walls all started to cave in , the kid next to me was really It and the store manager was a coke dealer, so I hung up the guitar and left. I had completely humiliated myself, playing like i had only been playing for a month(I've been playing for 5 years).
Sorry if this is a rant, just figured UG people would understand... or at least have the most creative ways of telling me to shut up and die or whatever. So, any comments you have let me know.
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Haha, some thing happens to me often. Not with the kid though, just the overall nervousness
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I honestly got lost at the coke dealer part.

otherwise, sometimes. But guitar stores are filled with show-offs anyway so I don't really care so much anyway.
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I honestly got lost at the coke dealer part.

otherwise, sometimes. But guitar stores are filled with show-offs anyway so I don't really care so much anyway.

It was an exaggeration of how paranoid and embarrassed i was.
I'm hoping you put the bottom fin under your right leg. It doesn't slide off that way.

I had it happen to me once though. These 2 guys were shredding behind me and it made me feel bad about my own playing because I had only been playing for like 2 years haha. Now I'm much more comfortable with my own playing though, still paranoid about mistakes though.
Are you one of those guys that can play Smoke on the Water REAL GOOD?
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just play thru fier and flamez taht will prove you r t3h god.
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Are you one of those guys that can play Smoke on the Water REAL GOOD?

hahaha. no.
dont blame the amp! wait you've played 5 years and didnt know how you play a V?
u play it like a classical guitar when ur sittin... and i didnt understand, the store owner is a crack dealer?
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just play thru fier and flamez taht will prove you r t3h god.

yea but u gotta play it on expert
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Today at the guitar store I saw the TS and he was being a noob.
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yea but u gotta play it on expert

wait...no! thats impossible!! you are trolling?
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Well it stills happens to me at some degree. If i play live I always drink 1 or 2 beers to get out the nervousness, but i can't be drinking at 2 pm at a guitar store, so I knew that i had to do something.

My solution was to make a list of songs to try on each guitar, songs that i could play EVEN being naked in front of a crowd! I don't remember what songs I had on the list...

But i always started playing "easy" songs, well not really "easy" but that i know perfectly, starting with "Sultans of Swing" to try the cleans, going after to "Angel" of Hendrix...
Then i normally put the crunchy distortion, change the pickup and play a bit of "sunshine of love" and other songs i don't remember, when putting the full distortion, and as i was more relax normally i played something of Acdc, probably also "black dog" of zeppellin, and always ended playing "21st century schizoid man" of king crimson when i was comfortable to play fast...

Doing that was enough to take all the "store stage fright" And i was ready to try all kind of guitars and amp without feeling bad :P¨

Hope it helps!
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I only get like that when I have no idea what i'm doing with certain amps. I can be a total amp newb sometimes, but when I get the right tone, I flip and do some delicious shredding.

Grabbing an acoustic or classical and playing is a different story. I've actually had store clerks come up to me and jam with me in the acoustic section. It especially feels great when i'm playing a $2000 martin dreadnaught with such a sleek fretboard with other people playing expensive acoutics.
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Worst things will happen, forget about it and practice stairway real good to show em up next time!
Haha i use to get like that too a lil bit but then i realized that im pretty good and have a unique style not to be ashamed of. Hell i played my first gig by myself a couple weeks ago.

one of the tricks is you really gotta be yourself bro, dont get into a solo contest with some newb with a particular song. play the things you want to play and test the guitar out in ways to see if it fits your personal style.

side note i was at a party couple days ago completely hammered and some girls wanted me to play and between the pressure and being wasted i got nervous and butchered everything i played haha, so it still happens i guess haha
Happened to me just the other day when I was testing out acoustics, I bought one too but back on topic...

I was sitting there jamming away the few songs I know and some of my own riffs with a bit of improv, then this girl and her friends come in and she picks up a classical and starts doing these awesome as hard out classical songs and I was fuck yeah that is awesome, so I played Weezer say it aint so, and she turned around and said, is that weezer? I was like YUP! and she said she wished she could play that. I had no doubt it would only take her a second to learn though, can't wait until I can play like that.
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ive always been partial to getting a semihollow guitar, plugging in to a really nice tube amp, and comping chords to various bebop songs when everybody else is shredding way too loudly on the high gain amps.

they typically get fairly baffled, since almost nobody who is into shred guitar knows shit about jazz, let alone bebop.