I dont know what the hell this is honestly. It just kinda popped into my head.

Its funny how the mind remembers better days
not the good ones, bad ones or great ones
Its like the we never remember the actual good things
Just that it was good
and that to me is saddest of all

Its funny how people never remember the names of the victims
of a horrific car crash or murder
but always remember the killer
And I ask you now
Can you remember the kids who died at Columbine

Its funny how we think that thinking about change
is the actual change
That wanting change is what changes things
Even though it isnt
and yet we still believe

Its funny how it doesnt matter
how many books are written and blogs are posted
that people dont really care about anything
And its the people that do care
that make life worth living

So few are left, that actually care
so few to remember those that actually care
so few ways to remember the ones that made it out
so alone are the greatest of us
and that is the saddest thing of all.
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I actually reallu like this piece. It basically sums up how I've been feeling as of late. I especially enjoyed the second stanza. The only thing is I think you should somehow mention Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold by name to give validity to the statement, "but always remember the killer". My biggest gripe with this piece is also why I like it so much. It feels like your rambling and speaking directly from the heart and that's what gives it it's charm. But I wish you would at least smooth at some of the lines to give the piece a sense of rhythm. Either way I like it. Nice jon, man.

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