Hey guys, I was referred to checking out the breedlove guitars because a friend of mine told me they were made by a guy who used to work at taylor and they have a similar sound at fractions of the cost. I was wondering if this is true, and also if so, my favorite acoustic as it stands is a taylor 814 ce electric acoustic, i'm also wondering which would be a comparable breedlove model. Any help pointing me in the right direction is greatly appreciated as I dont know too much about breedlove nor have I played any of them yet. I'm just trying to figure out if there is a comparable breedlove to the 814ce so I can go and check it out....thank you!
Breedloves are FANTASTIC guitars, however they're by no means a fraction of the price of a Taylor. They also have a different sound than Taylors, and a different feel as well. However, there are many out there who greatly prefer the sound and feel of Breeds to Taylors.

As for comparable models, if I'm not mistaken, the 814ce is an acoustic/electric Grand Auditorium cutaway guitar with a spruce top and rosewood back/sides. Your best bet at finding a comparable Breedlove as far as tone goes is to find one with similar specs, at least as far as wood combination goes.
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the cheaper breedloves don't do it for me at all. they are stiff to play, even with lighter strings, and the sound doesn't really stand out. the atlas series guitars, the breedlove $800 to $1000 models, have laminate back and sides without sounding as nice as the taylor 114ce (my favorite lower end taylor), which can be gotten for the lower side of that price range. i must admit, though, that the top breedloves - the ones that sell for $2999 when not on sale, sound really nice.

as far as a comparable guitar with a comparable sound, keep in mind that bracing is a big part of the sound of a guitar, as are things like purfling. why not head on over to gc and ask to play some breedloves in the $1699 to $2999 price range, and then play the taylor 814ce and than sort of go back and forth till you see if one of the breedloves compares in your ears?

btw, kim breedlove worked for taylor for 3 years. it used to say that on the breedlove website, but i can't find the page now.
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Just to specify the 814ce is actually made of East Indian Rosewood. Im saying this because there are different types of rosewood and im not sure which kinds Breedlove offers.

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