I have a peavey Tko 115 amp head that I bought a speaker to. It's an 8 ohm, 600v speaker like the original. However, I'm not sure where to connect it. I think it's the two yellow wires there, but everytime I connect the two to the speaker and try to turn it on, I get a loud hum from it.

Any reasons/solutions to this?


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Have you got the speaker in a cab, or just the speaker?

just the speaker. I'm waiting to get some sound out of the speaker first before I buy or build a cab to it.

It came from a friend who said it's been sitting around for awhile, and he doesn't use it, so he gave it to me for free. Everything starts up ok, just when there is a speaker connected to it, that loud hum comes in, but no sound out of it.

EDIT: no guitar/bass sound coming out of it.
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no unfortunately there isn't...and neither is there on the speaker too. I have tried both plugs on both of the prongs, but no dice.
When I got the amp head, the two yellow wires were connected to a base with the two wires attached. However, it looks like it's the only way to connect the wires to a speaker.