I'm shipping my Fender Tele across the world and leaving it in a box for 6 months whilst I go travelling. To fit it in the box to be shipped I'm detaching the neck, but I'm obviously concerned about the potential for the neck to warp over this period of time.

Does anyone have any tips regarding storage of a guitar neck/body for this amount of time?

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Just keep it in your house in a hard case or at least ship it in a hard case
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Ship it in the case add some padding if your worried and toss in some silica gel packs if your worried about moisture/humidity. Double box it that also helps. I wouldn't remove the neck maybe just take the tensions off the strings in case it gets banged around in shipping. As far as storage goes it all depends on the climate. Some places have/offer climate control some do not. You do not want your guitar sitting in a place were there are big temperature extremes.

Hey thanks for the replies. At the moment I'm not planning to ship it in its case as it would cost a lot of money. I can remove the neck and it would fit into a box that I'm already shipping so that would be my preferred option. Is it very risky storing a dismantled guitar neck for 6 months?