is there any sound or quality differences besides the crap paint and finish? Also which is a better buy, a special or standard. Im not plannin on buyin either anytime soon, i no i gotta try every guitar to find my fave, i was just wonderin bout these
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I have played dozens of SGs and I do not hear any difference at all. I played them thru both tube and SS amps from a few different manufactures just to see if I could find any tone differences. The biggest problem I found was the inconsistencies in all of them some could have been just bad set ups but there were other problems with some. For the money I would go with a faded/worn finish SG.

A Standard is on average a better guitar than any Special or Faded model, but every so often a Special will turn up that is nuts as good as a Standard and of course not every Standard is that great either. So out of those two, you've just got to play a bunch of them and see what turns out to be good.

As far as Faded models go, in the case of the SG Faded vs the SG Special, there's no difference other than the slightly thinner satin finish of the Faded, which is arguably an improvement for tone and playability.
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Look at an SG Classic. They have the playability of a Standard, but with P90 tone (which, in my opinion, sounds even better than a humbucker, though that is an opinion). Cheaper to boot!
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