Been playing 4 yrs and i always have these ups and down, recently i upgraded to a Martin D41 it's an amazing instrument, Problem is i learned on a Taylor 110 and for some weird reason i still prefer the old cheap Taylor 110. For the past few days i've been so depressed musically, its like i can't play anything right, all the things i've learned seems so difficult and hard not sure why.

I learned a few fingerstyle songs last week, it was hard learning them but as i completed learning them over a two week period i was high and happy, that feeling only lasted a day two and i was frustrated again.

Sometimes the guitar feels so cumbersome and difficult to play and my hands can't go where i want it to go, WTF is going on, sometimes i question myself and wonder if guitar is really for me.

The excitement of learning is temporary, I studied songs and said "yea if i learn this i'll feel good for a while, then i do, but for a short short time.

Is this normal? is this something everyone experiences? does this come with the package?
Music in general is different for everyone, there are some people in the same boat as you.
Dude everyone has off days and on days. I have days where I can barely play anything, and others where I feel like I can play everything. I don't understand why you're taking them so seriously though, just calm down and be patient and you will get the feeling back .
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