hey, i will soon buy a distortion pedal, but i'm kinda noob on gear (btw im not english sorry for the bad sentences). i own a Esp Viper-50 and a roland cube 60 and a delay pedal BOSS DD-7. i play mainly stuff like Taking back sunday, underoath, muse, fall of troy, protest the hero stuff like that. i saw that thom erak from fall of troy use Turbo Distortion Ds-2 from BOSS. i know absolutely nothing about that stuff but well i just want distortion to play soft stuff like taking back sunday and heavy like underoath or protest the hero.... thx
Why don't you use the Amp Models on your Cube? they're meant to sound nice
I use the Boss MT-2, you can get all kinds of different tones out of it because it has 2 mid range adjusters, along with hi, low, distortion level, and gain. 6 knobs in all

Plus it sounds incredible, better than all the amp models i've got on my vox vd30st.

I got it for about $110 Canadian and it was totally worth it.

Test it out in the store or even buy it and try it out at home, u should be able to return it if you don't like it.

Hope that helps
id maybe say metal muff???

idk... you can get real heavy with it if you want. but if you dont then its alright too.

idk just a suggestion