This is a funky jazz tune I wrote and recorded in my dorm protools studio today. The title is reference to a drunken statement. haha It kind of reminds me of Sco. The Solo's are just first takes, but I kept for now.



Thanks ahead of time, and I can't wait to here your thoughts!
Hahaha, dig that whole tone run at 1:10 or so.
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first off cool myspace page man. diggin it. good guitar playing. i like youre tone. very chill/layed back. i could hear this being played downtown in a jazz club. good beer drinking music. i love the little runs you do. its good but i think a chord change or 2 would be good to mix it up. just a change. i know its just a backing track kinda thing but its starts to drag out a little bit. and i lost interest. its short but i say make it longer with a change somewere in there. just my opinyon though. good job.

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