Hey, back again am i. i've got a floating trem, or ibanez's ripoff of it anyway, and it ALWAYS goes sharp. Every day i have to retune, sometimes twice a day. I can't put it down without having to retune. am i doing something wrong? i only tighten my string saddles (whatever the hell you call the things at the top of the neck that hold the strings in, the name slips my mind a.t.m.) and i very rarely use the tremolo at all. Any help would be appreciate. please and thank you. (i hate my guitar.)
If you're doing bends occasionally, you'll get almost the same result of when you use the bar.

Or simply your guitar was made in China.
And is a fake.
And you should consider getting a refund.

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I have an old Ibanez RX20 that I have pretty much the same issue with. Luckily its not my main instrument and is a guitar that i have lying around that i tune to funny tunings so i won't have to do it with my main guitar. And by the way, i don't use the tremolo at all.
String saddles?

What type of floating bridge? Floyd Rose (Edge _____) or "vintage"?

Do you mean locking nut string blocks (like on a Floyd Rose)? Or do you mean tuning pegs?

It makes a big difference...
Why do I get the feeling this thread has been moved here from somewhere else???

TS - what kind of Ibanez do you have and does it have springs in the back of the guitar? The part that hits your....well midsection?

If you don't use your vibrato stick much then blocking the tremolo bridge block is a good idea as mentioned.