A while ago I played a friend's Yamaha CPX700 (or 900, I forget which) acoustic-electric and I really liked it. I'm considering buying one myself, but before I drop the cash for it, I was wondering if anyone could explain to me the differences between the models? Is it just the fact that the 700 has one pickup and the 900 has three? Or is there more to it? Is the 900 worth the extra cost?
I own a APX 700.

The main difference is that the 900 has flamed maple back and sides. The preamp on it has a dedicated bass and treble control on it while the 700 has a slider. Other than that I don't know any differences.
I chose the APX 700 not only because of the low price, but because it has mahogany back and sides. Tonally I like it better than maple which is a little on the bright side. The mahogany is a mid-low kind of sound. Coupled with some brighter string it gives a very equalized tone.

You should go for it! I really enjoy my APX 700 because of it's awesome size and sound. It's the most electric guitar feeling acoustic I've played. The price is good for the features and it sounds really good plugged in. The preamp is excellent.
The only minor complaint I have about it is compared to other acoustics it's acoustically volume is lower, but thats because of it's slightly slimmer size. Overall it doesn't really bother me.
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