Ok ive been asking a hell of a lot of questions about making a guitar lately so i thought i may as well just make this thread where i can ask a bunch of questions as well as show how my build is doing with a few pics. Any help or comments are welcome and appreciated. Ill post the first few pictures once ive cut out the body shape.

But anyway my first question is about body cavities. Im going to have cavities in the back which will be set out a bit like on a les paul but i dont know how they make the holes for the wires which go between each pickup cavity and each electronics cavity. It seems like they would be impossible to drill. I just dont get it.
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Every one I've seen is done with a hand drill. You find ways to make it work.
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It depends how you build the guitar. If you're putting a top on the guitar, the channels are usually routed before the top is glued on. If not, its mostly drilled down through the neck pocket to the bridge pup rout, then diagonally through to the control cavity.
here is the wood I am starting with. the three pieces that i have laminated will use for the body are blackwood and the other is rock maple which will make the neck.
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