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Wow this rules. Also, they have 1994! in their top friends, so that makes them so much more awesome.
They definitely have a Hot Cross vibe, but they mix in a lot more of the modern metalcore feel, which isn't particularly a bad thing like I would've thought.
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Not exactly something I'm into, but I figured I'd say they have an amazing Myspace layout (even though that really counts for nothing)
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I was really surprised with how good they were... I was expecting a run of the mill shitty post-hardcore band when I read about them. But I'm glad that I gave them a listen... I dig the shit out of it.
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this actually rules a lot
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I can't really figure out what it is about them that I really like.... haha
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From the same town as ABR
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i thought this would be some other attack attack band but i was pleasantly surprised.
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From the same town as ABR

Same label even... I'm not sure if they're on it anymore... But it was the same at one time