Worth the expense? I heard it and it sounded really nice, one of the best things in general ive ever heard... But is it worth how expensive it is?
Oranges do have the best drives around IMO, most would say the Rocker 30 isn't meant for metal, just in case that's your thing. I mean you can drive it with a boost, but it sounds quite lacking.

Rockerverb/Thunderverb are the metal kings when it comes to Orange's, but really pricey. In the Rocker 30's case, if you're not looking for a metal tone, go for it. It's well worth it. Otherwise look elsewhere.
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depends on what you are using it for. i personally think oranges have close to the best drive of any amp i have played.

True that. Im using it for like rock and roll pop punk kinda stuff ya know
Rocker 30 is ok. Decent, versatile amp, works well for a lot of styles. In the USA, I sure would not pay the price, personally I'd rather have a high end Marshall variant at that price point. Oranges just have this inherently fuzzy texture that I hate and personally think lacks in definition. Of course, that might be exactly what you're looking for, so you might find it well worth the price.
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