Hey Everyone! I'm offering SKYPE GUITAR LESSONS available for ALL LEVEL Guitarists around the world. Here's a Video I made to promote the Lessons:


I can teach you anything you want:

Guitar Techniques, Arrangement, Harmony, Music Theory, Ear Training, Sight Reading, Improvisation, and more!

I can help you out with songs you just can't play but would love to learn.

We can work with different Music Styles like: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Bossa Nova, Samba, Chacarera (Argentinian Country Music), Progressive Rock, Instrumental Rock, Metal and more!
Do you feel like your Chord Knowledge is weak? Then I can help understand EVERYTHING about Chords and play them in every possible Neck Position.
Have you ever wonder how to improvise over any progression playing the "right" notes? Then Harmony Study along with Improvisation study are your choice. Let me Help You!

Are you having a Guitar Audition at BERKLEE COLLEGE of MUSIC? Contact me! Let me be your Guide and help you in every section: Prepared Piece, Ear Training, Sight Reading, Improvisation, Interview and more!

You don't know ANYTHING about Guitar? Then try my Skype Guitar Lessons! You will learn ALL about guitar so fast that you wouldn't believe it.

Contact me at: skypeguitarlessons@hotmail.com

Matias Rengel
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