Fast melodic riff, then a doubletime stomp, then a breakdown with a Gothenburg riff, than nu-hardcore style rant and blast; repeat in random order. Oh, and I forgot the semi-synthesized "digital whisper" vocals.

It sounds like a punk hardcore band trying to be metal.

It's metalcore. Don't let the melodic death metal riffs fool you: nothing on this album is as structured or complex as real death metal. It's verse/chorus with random riffs thrown in, like a more intense version of Jawbreaker.

Holy shinola this album is bad. Do yourself a favor: stop after "Inferior Devotees."
Hey, know what?

I don't care.

Do you know what you should do?

You should tell someone who cares.

Know who cares?


Once you've written this down in the HYPOCRISY THREAD and deleted this thread, I will go read this news in the Hypocrisy thread.

Will I care?


But at least I won't report you for posting it there.

Will I report you for posting it here?