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This is in fact long. It is not finished however. I have to touch up the outro and actually do the bass parts. Other than that, it's basically done and you get the idea of it. I'm pretty anxious to hear what people have to say. Lol.

I'll do crit for crit or at least try to.
acoustic ha(3).zip
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lmao when you said long you meant it! what's the actual length?

fantastic tune though. the acoustic parts are simple but excellent.
love tempo change into bar 42,
an issue may be that it gets a bit repetitive from bar 59 on until bar 90 or so,
not that i don't like the riff, its just the use of the same chords, but i do like the way you switch up the patterns and everything, that does keep it fresh.
great leads, shred.
bar 318 to 338 is SO sick. very proggy and awesome
hard to crit this long of a song, but all the riffs from then on are sweeeet.
maybe toss in a few most melodic breaks in there, and you have a sickass prog song.

thanks for the crit p.s.!
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I think it's 16:40-ish.

Side note, the end will be similar in terms of chords but it's really hard to get the right smoothness I want from an improv onto guitar pro, so I'll just record it later.

And thanks for the crit, I would like more.
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That 7/8 riff at 286 is a MASSIVE rip off from Selkies from BTBAM. the song is good but no way in hell does it have to be that long
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I don't like getting defensive, but I've already noticed that. Well, not to your extreme. I don't agree that it's a MASSIVE rip off, but similar nonetheless. I kept it because I thought it flowed well.

Trust me, it wasn't a blatant attempt at ripping off quite possibly my favourite band, I just jammed out a riff that I liked and kept it. End of story.

Sorry to disappoint you, brah.