This is the first thing I've recorded since buying my podxt live, and probably the only thing i've recorded in over a year. I used reaper with a combination of EZdrummer and DKFH as well as various soft synths. I also used a few free samples from the freesound project.

It's not very guitar noodly but it still has guitar! Any comments particularly surrounding how to mix or make it sound better in general would be greatly appreciated.

You can find it on my profile ' How to Frisk a Porcupine'
Hey man, I know you were looking for tips on how to make it sound better, but I think it was great recording quality! The guitar tones are particularly good, the distortion isn't overdone and the sound is very clean (as in not messy). The instruments are all really tight as well, good job there. Nice job on the drum programming too, the drum part sounds like a real drummer would play it that way. Good stuff

That actually does sound pertty good, I think it all fit together very nicely. The tone was pertty good, you might benefit from double tracking it if you havent already, I know a guy who quad tracks his rythem guitars, and the guy has an epic tone. I liked the quiet part, very erriie, it fit the song well. Overall I would say this is really good.

Thanks for the crit.
The only thing I'd really change is to add a little distorsion to the bass. It gets a bit lost in the mix from time to time. If I had to nitpick I'd also cut a little bit of lows on the drums (the kick is a little boomy). A little more variation in the velocity (dynamics) for the kick when you have the faster parts would make it a little better too.
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